Party Wall Advice

Expert advice and support when you or your neighbour are planning work that falls under the Party Wall Act.

“The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 exists to make sure property owners notify their neighbours in advance of certain proposed works and, where necessary, take appropriate precautions to safeguard neighbouring property and minimise inconvenience.”

Building Owners (doing the work)

Are you:

  • ​Working on an existing wall or structure shared with another property?
  • Building a new wall up to or astride a boundary line?
  • Excavating near a neighbouring building?

If so, depending on the precise nature of the works, the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 may apply. Where that is the case, a building owner intending to carry out such works must serve Party Wall Notices to all affected neighbours to avoid the risk of legal action being taken against you for proceeding with work unlawfully.

I can help by ascertaining if the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 applies to your proposed works. Where it does, I can assist with informal ‘pre-notice’ communications with the affected neighbour(s) and, thereafter, by issuing correctly drafted Party Wall Act notices on your behalf.

Adjoining Owners (next door to the work)

Have you received a notice saying that your neighbour intends to do work that includes:

  • ​Working on an existing wall or structure shared with your property?
  • Building a new wall up to or astride your boundary line?
  • Excavating near your building?

If so, then it is essential that you respond correctly to avoid prejudicing your position.

I can ensure that you are properly protected by helping you respond correctly to a Party Wall Act notice and, where necessary, dissenting to the works so that you gain the protection of a Party Wall Award.

Party Wall Award

In the event of a dispute arising between the Building Owner and Adjoining Owner, a Party Wall Award is required. The award is either prepared by a jointly appointed Agreed Surveyor or, alternatively, a Building Owner Surveyor and Adjoining Owner surveyor work in partnership to create the award.

I am regularly appointed by Building Owners, Adjoining Owners or by both, as the Agreed Surveyor.

Additional Information

Please see my FAQs section for more information on the Party Wall process.

The UK Government have also published a guide to the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 and you can read that here.

Free Consultation

Please contact me for an initial, free conversation about your situation and I will help you to establish if the Party Wall Act applies.